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What our clients are saying about working with us...

Coaching has pushed me out of my comfort zone. It stretched my belief and goals beyond what I thought could ever happen. I had goals...what I thought were pretty nice goals but with the help of God and my amazing coaches, those goals were smashed much earlier than anticipated. I’m nowhere near where I want to be but I’ve surpassed where I thought that I would be!!! Why??? My mindset is shifting. Hold yourself accountable and do what they tell you....that’s what I tell myself daily!!! I will pound this year’s goal to pieces!!! I’m claiming it!!!  -M. Jackson, REALTOR

Most millionaires have coaches because they need someone to hold them accountable. If we want to be like them and be a millionaire, then we need to be like them and have a coach to hold us accountable since we are the employee and the employer! The coaches are super friendly and direct (they seriously don't bite). Recommend it to anyone. P. Song, Investor & REALTOR

I was reluctant to start coaching because I thought it would be paying someone to hold me accountable. That’s part of it, but the wisdom and insight is SO much more than I expected! And having someone to ask who knows the answer. And is in your corner. I’ve learned that lead generation really does bring business! I’m heading into year 5 of being an agent and had never sold more than $2 Million in volume in 1 year yet. I started coaching in March and sold over $2M in volume within 4 months. This year, I sold $2M in 2 months and am on track to have my best year yet. It’s been such a great experience for me that I’ve asked my husband to sign up when my year is over.  -J. Briere, REALTOR

I was reluctant to start coaching because I thought it was going to just be an added expense....but DUH!!!!!! Natalie 0-0=0.... now I absolutely love coaching and just having someone that answers my questions and that's cheering for me to do good each week is AWESOME!  I wish I had done this YEARS ago! I would be a LOT further in my career if I had. One of the best investments I have made for …not only my career ....but MY FAMILY!!!!!  -N. Henderson, REALTOR

Coaching has given me the confidence needed to get out there and make those phone calls and talk to people that I wouldn’t normally talk to. My coach has opened my eyes to all the possibilities that my business can be and I’m more excited than ever. He challenged me to come up with a big why that was more personal and close to my heart and it changed my perspective. I love the fact that he not only gives great advice; he also holds you accountable for what you say you are going to do. There is no “try”, there is only “do” and I appreciate that about him. Thanks to all of the coaches for making this program worth the time and money. -L. Clayton, REALTOR

Coaching has pushed me to do the uncomfortable things... and some kind of way it made it comfortable.  It was definitely the environment I was in, for example, we had to call everyone in our phones and let them know that we're in real estate, we had a few hours to do this so I went down my call log and ended up getting 2 clients that I just got pre-approved and I am currently showing them homes now!! This is only from a few times that I attended!!! Had I not attended coaching I would have never went down my call log because I felt uncomfortable doing it and I would have never got that clients I have now! This is just the beginning! -D. Allen, REALTOR

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